# 💸 Grants and Sponsorships

# HandyCon 2022

# March 16th, 17th and 18th, 2022

The Handshake Institute was a sponsoring partner of HandyCon 2022 (opens new window).

# HNSFund Grant

# March 17, 2021

The Handshake Institute gave a grant to HNSFund (opens new window) in order to catalyze developer participation in the Handshake open source community.

The grant funds were transferred on March 16, 2021 through Gitcoin (opens new window):

HNSFund received additional donations from other sources:

HNSFund used the grant to fund projects, organizations, teams and individuals to get involved in Handshake development


  • Kyokan (opens new window) - The builders of Bob Wallet and Footnote received 3 ETH to build out a domain claiming feature for reserved TLDs and top 100,000 Alexa domains. They received another 2 ETH for continuing their work for the Handshake community.
  • skydroid/ - 3 ETH to improve their DoH infrastructure, start targeting other OSes besides Android, and hire a designer before Handshake community does a marketing push for them
  • skyinclude/ - 3 ETH to create tutorials for Bob Wallet (claiming reserved TLDs) and Shakedex (starting auctions and fulfilling auctions)
  • sulu/ - 500 DAI to create memes and marketing materials
  • hmail/ - 3 ETH for open sourcing their email service, writing documentation to make it easier for others to install, researching connecting email clients to mail servers over DANE, and creating a video tutorial of setting up DANE on their OpenBSD system.
  • falci/ - 3 ETH for open source development in Handshake
  • dees/ - 3 ETH for open source development in Handshake

Learn more about this round at HNSFund (opens new window)

# HandyCon Grant and HNSFund Auction

March 10-11, 2021

Event Sponsorship

The Handshake Institute sponsored the first ever Handshake Conference, HandyCon (opens new window) (non-dweb (opens new window)). The Institute made a $2500 USD contribution to help with the organizing of the event.

Handshake Institute Director Handshake Jesus (opens new window), was invited to join a panel discussion (opens new window) around support for the Handshake ecosystem. He was joined on the panel by Kiba Gateaux (opens new window) of the HNSFund (opens new window), members of the dWeb Foundation (opens new window) and Matthew Zipkin (opens new window) from impervious (opens new window).

HNSFund Auction

The Handshake Institute collaborated with HNSFund, Mark Smith (opens new window) of Namesake Domains (opens new window), and HandyCon (opens new window) (non-dweb (opens new window)) organizer Michael Michelini (opens new window) to organize a fundraising auction for HNSFund.

The auction was conducted by Mark Smith (opens new window) in which 17 domains were successfully sold for 85677 HNS with 34094 HNS of the proceeds being donated to the HNSFund.

Organizing Participants:

Handshake Institue gifts jj/

During a Q&A event with Handshake Creators JJ (opens new window) and Andrew Lee (opens new window), the Handshake Institute gifted the Handshake name jj/ to JJ, who accepted the gift. The Handshake Institute gifted the name (opens new window) as an expression of gratitude for his work on Handshake.

# ShakeDex Grant

February 20, 2021

ShakeDex (opens new window) is a decentralized exchange for Handshake names, and its creation brings a fully decentralized reverse-Dutch auction system that allows names to be bought and sold without intermediaries.

The Institute gave a grant of 10000HNS (opens new window) to the pseudonymous creator of ShakeDex, kurumiimari.

ShakeDex Resources