# 🔬 Research

This information is updated periodically and will change from time to time. The information is offered here to assist collaborators to understand where they may stand with their own contribution with respect to the discovering of the critical path to Handshake achieving success in its design and mission.

We maintain this list so that you may be aware of what we are aware of, and where we think each piece may fit in the puzzle. We also hope that by sharing this information new collaborators with new pieces of the puzzle can step forward and contribute on this project.

# Objectives and Topics

To identify the critical path to a sustainable, secure, and durable decentralized fractal asset registry (DFAR) capable of organic Handshake top-level domain management using multisig wallet functionality or any governance scheme, fractionalization with provable immutability of the share issuance policy such that at each subsequent name layer the domain owner can audit the terms of their registration policy as a native smart contract on chain.

To explore and investigate the innovations enabled by the following initiatives, projects and technologies