# 💡 Vision

# What we do

We advise and fund grants and initiatives that empower teams and individuals in the Handshake open source community. We work to make open source developement sustainable, promote developer participation, and Handshake adoption and integration.

We work as long-term partners with the Handshake Development Fund (HNSFund) to fund bounties and projects that the community prioritizes.

We fund and organize strategic initiatives that are intended to have a high impact along the lines of our mission and values.

# Values

  • sovereignty of the individual and self-determination
  • radical accountability
  • harmony
  • freedom of expression
  • decentralization
  • network resilience
  • education
  • community growth and adoption
  • gifting and generosity
  • mutual support, empowerment, and service

# Mission

# Build, Design, Advise

To strategically empower the open-source community to build the tools required to deliver secure solutions that include:

  • fractal domain ownership and governance
  • sovereign naming
  • sovereign data
  • decentralized resource resolution
  • secure decentralized identity

# Research

To conduct research, gather resources, and cooperate with partners to create the tools required to achieve success for Handshake.

see Research and Project Catalyst

# Educate

To educate developers, Handshake and naming community stakeholders, youth, and the general public regarding decentralized technology and its application in solving real world problems.